10 Tips for a Successful Engagement Session

10 tips for a successful engagement session

So you’re engaged WOOHOO! Now it’s time to start planning your engagement session. Most people haven’t had professional photos done since their senior portraits, and most people have never done portraits with, their significant other before. Posing in front of the camera can really be nerve-wracking for some people, especially being asked to kiss or show intimacy in front of the camera isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, I’m sharing 10 quick tips to help you prepare for a beautiful and successful engagement session.

  1. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! ~ Here in the beautiful PNW we have endless parks, mountains and cityscapes to choose from for your backdrop. Think about a location that has special meaning or will go with the theme of your wedding. Example: Before their carnival themed wedding, one of my couples chose to do their engagement session at our Spring Fair.
  2. Timing is EVERYTHING ~ Plan your engagement session for the early morning or evening. Good lighting is key to looking your best and creating a beautiful photo, and there is a time called Golden Hour and this will be about 1-1.5 hours after sunrise or before sunset.
  3. OUTFITS ~ This session showcases the relationship between you & your fiancé relationship. If you two feel more authentic dressing casually, then feel free to wear your t-shirt and jeans! Just make sure they’re your best pair! It’s always fun to photograph you dressed up: it’s an important occasion, after all! Don’t be afraid to send photos to your photographer on your outfit options.
  4. HAIR & MAKEUP ~ Ladies don’t be afraid to do your makeup or even your hair run through that day so you look your best on camera. Getting your makeup done one will help you see how you will look on camera for your wedding day and can ease some of the stress of getting ready for your engagement session.
    Bonus tip: Don’t wear moisturizer with SPF in it for your session. SPF helps repel light from your skin, so make sure just for one day you use a moisturizer that is SPF free.
  5. NO WHITE TUBE SOCKS! ~ In some pictures your photographer may ask you to pose sitting down.  It’s unfortunate when an image should draw your eye to a happy couple embracing, but the white tube socks steal the show! Ladies go buy your guy some dress socks if they don’t own a pair already.
  6. PDA ~ OK so let’s be real for a sec here.  Kissing is part of an engagement session. Most of us don’t love PDAs, but after a few minutes a kiss or two won’t feel so awkward. And, it’s all be worth it once you see that moment captured in the image. By the end of your session you and your fiancé should be having a blast and really enjoying the session.
  7. SUPERMODEL ~ Don’t worry, you won’t have to be a supermodel going into your session. A good photographer knows how to pose couples to make them feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. We will direct you on your posing & where to look, who knows you maybe surprise yourself and be a natural in front of the camera. Also think of this as a rehearsal for your wedding. You do a rehearsal for your ceremony and this a rehearsal for your photos.
    *Bonus tip ~ Guys if you don’t have both hands around your lady put one of your hands in your pocket with your thumb out. This is a natural pose and will help you look like a natural front of the camera. 
  8. PROPS ~ Bring as many or as few props as you like for your session; most photographers will do their best to work them into specific photos. Examples: Save the date sign, your dog, confetti, your bikes, balloons, wine or champagne with glasses & a picnic blanket, your matching tube socks…. Just Kidding!
  9. AWKWARD ~ Don’t worry about feeling awkward or weird being photographed… If you trust your photographer you will get some amazing photos to treasure forever!
  10. FUN ~ That is the ultimate goal to have fun for an hour or two while getting some amazing photos to announce your engagement to your friends and family!

In the end, you both should have enjoyed yourself which will shine through out in your photos! So I hope these tips will help you have a successful engagement session with beautiful photos to announce your engagement to the world! Cheers & Congratulations!

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