"Carry laughter with you wherever you GO!" - Hugh Sidey


A full-time wedding photographer, mom, and wife. I have documented over 100 weddings and countless portrait session. Washington has been my home for my entire life and I love all things PNW. Currently live in Tacoma, WA  with my husband Pat, daughter Mia & dog Teddy. 

My Style: My style as classic, vibrant, timeless, romantic & fun. I deliver photos that look timeless and could have been shot any year or decades.

Where I Serve: Based in the PNW. I have documented weddings & elopements in Oregon, Montana & California. Please feel free to shoot me an EMAIL or CALL if you're ready to book or have any questions! 


1. I went to college for photography and graduated with an AA in Commercial Photography. 

2. After college I lived in Cape Town, South Africa for 3 months interning with working commercial photographers.

3. While in South Africa I traveled to Zambia, Botswana, and all over South Africa. I also got to spend an afternoon with baby cheetahs, had a close encounter with a curious elephant & went cage diving with Great White Sharks (the craziest thing I have probably ever done and will do.)

4. I may have a slight coat/jacket addiction and own way more than the average person should.

5. My best friend lives on the over side of the country which makes seeing her even more special.

6. I hate potatoes, except for McDonald's french fries & hashbrowns.

7. But I love Poke, Sushi, tomatoes (mainly tomato soup), Italian, Indian & Mexcian food!

8. My favorite ice cream of all times is Chocolate Peanut Butter.

9. I love to dance and Mia & I have little dance parties in our house, she loves it!

10. I played soccer for 12 years and to this day still enjoy watching it. I hope to pass on the love for the game on to Mia.