Baby Cheetahs, wait did you say baby Cheetahs?

That’s right baby cheetahs 4 of them! As you probably figured out this is another blog post from my wonderful trip back in 2007 to South Africa. I had a once in a life time chance to spend about an hour with 4 baby cheetahs at a secret location outside Cape Town. These cheetahs had been either born in captivity or had been orphaned in the wild and were part of a cheetah program to educate the general public about these amazing cats. It started with us driving through a vineyard to a building that had an electric fence around it and the wonderful ladies that were taking care of the babies were locked all the time. Why all the security these cheetahs were being trained to be around people and if someone stole them, they would end up on the black market and gone forever as someones pets or worst killed for there fir. Sadly I only remember 2 of the cheetahs names: Whiskey & Yankee. I remember Whiskey because he had an eye problem and was going to be having surgery to fix it (if he had been in the wild he would have lost his eye and died due to that). I remember Yankee because he was King Cheetah which is more rare and larger then the other 3. These four were amazing even at 3 months old they were super fast and larger then a full grown house cat. When we arrived we got to go into there yard and watch them play, wrestle with each other and interact with us. Looking back at these photos that I cherish dearly I wish had a better lens and had taken more pictures. Going back and re-editing them makes me smile thinking of this one crazy and fun afternoon that I will remember for the rest of my life.


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