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Mia 365 Project | Week 10/52

Well last week Mia was close to crawling so no video for you this week, but I have a strong feeling next week there will be a video for you all to see. This past week we had a birthday to celebrate, mine! So that meant lots of time with family and a few times we got to go out to eat. On Monday was my birthday and Mia & myself headed up to Seattle for a few things then had lunch with my aunt who has never gotten to meet Mia yet. So that was very exciting for me to have her meet Mia.  I also was away from my sweet for a few days because I attended an amazing photography workshop put on by the amazing Melissa Kilner Photography! So on Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week my parents took the daily photo for me.

03/05 – She started sitting on her feet I thought we may just skip crawling.

03/06 – Kisses from Teddy.

03/07 – Bath time, Mia is now taking baths just in the normal bathtub. She really likes it minus when I drain the tub.

03/08 – Went for a walk to enjoy the nice weather, and to look for our missing kitty Alfred who as been missing since the 6th.

03/09 – Mia and my Aunt.

03/11 – Her new thing is to stick her tongue out really far.

03/12 – The best toys are not toys at all, my mom’s old measuring cups are great and Mia’s favorite.

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