Mia 365 Project | Week 18

This mom has been slacking on her weekly blogging! Week 18 we headed on some walks, and hung out around the house. Mia has become such a character and I get a hoot going through her 365 photos.

04/30 – We went for a walk in the morning along Tacoma’s waterfront.

05/01 – My little angel.

05/02 – Lounging while having her evening bottle.

05/03 – Sitting on her stool our awesome neighbor made for Mia.

05/04 – Mom was having fun trying to see which hat’s still fit my growing girl.

05/05 – Just chewing on a celery stick while playing.

05/06 – This expression is priceless, “wait this is your phone mom?”

Only a daily basis this child makes me laugh and I love being her mom! I can’t believe that she is getting close to her 1st birthday!

365 project week 18

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