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Mia 365 Project | Week 2/52

So it’s the 2nd week of the new year & the 2nd week of my weekly blog of Mia’s 365 Project I’m doing! We had a good week, Mia is getting better at siting up on her own she still needs to be watched but I feel more confident letting her sit up on her own without me being right there as long as she isn’t near something she will hit or fall off of. We also headed to Spokane for a good family friend’s baby shower who is due with her first baby a boy next month. Mia is also eating more solids including some finger foods (puffs a version of Cheerio’s) which are pretty funny to watch because most of the time they stick to her hand or she misses her mouth completely. But when she does get in her mouth she is so happy! Again I only followed the themes about part of them time.

The themes for this week:

01/08: Simple – Her smile and a plain white onesie!

01/09: Winter – Pat & Alfred gave her a bath.

01/10: You – The gorgeous momma to be and Mia, Mia was a little distracted by the gift bags.

01/11 : Contained – She loved the mattress on the floor at GG’s (Great Grandma) house.

01/12: Starts with a J –  The jumper is the only way I can get a shower in most days.

01/13: Light – I love how the light hit her face and Mia really likes our coffee table ottoman.

01/14: Lucky Number – My lucky number is 5, Mia had 4 puffs on her tray and one in her hand about to eat it!

weekly blog post for my 365 project of my daughter

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