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Mia 365 Project | Week 5/52

This past week we were all about the Seattle Seahawks and the Superbowl and the 12th man. On Thursday we headed to a local supermarket to sign a 12th flag that was going to the big game. My parents also watched Mia on Friday so I could get some work down before my big wedding show I had on the 31st. They took pictures of her in my old rocking chair that my Grandfather had made for me and when Mia is old enough it will be going to her. I personally have been a little under the weather so just getting the picture done for the day has been a challenge.

01/29 – Keepsake: We went to sign the 12th man flag that was going to the Superbowl.

01/30 – Freeday: My parents took this picture of Mia in my old rocking chair.

01/31 – You: Mia and I taken by Pat with his new smart phone.

02/01 – Spirit: We did this same photo on the Seahawk’s first game of the seasons and so we had to do it again at the end. Sadly we all were sad by the outcome of the big game.

02/02 – Always: She always loves when Pat holds her and lets her jump on the couch.

02/03 – Teacher: In the mornings after she eats her breakfast we hang out in our bed watching PBS.

02/04 – Borrow: We are starting the very stages of becoming mobile, 1st we have to figure out how to get those knees underneath ourselves.

365 project of my daughter Mia week 5001

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