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Mia 365 Project | Week 8/52

Week 8 of the Mia 365 project brought a milestone Mia turned 8 months old! I still can’t believe she is 8 months old, my baby isn’t a newborn anymore she is turning into such a big girl getting ready to crawl. This past week I captured some real gems that I’m sure we will go back to over the years and laugh at. Since starting this project I have realized that I like having humor in my photography and Mia is quite a character.

02/19 – 8 Months old! My little girl is getting so big!

02/20 – She is getting so close to crawling but still aren’t there yet.

02/21 – Mia tried avocado for the first time and gave me a fish face after she was done. But over all it was a big hit.

02/22 – Mia spent the day with my parents and they captured this gem of her putting the duck head in her mouth like she does during her bath.

02/23 – We headed to Woodland Park Zoo with friends and captured our friends in a bird nest at the Zoomazium.

02/24 – Mia fell asleep like this for her nap. Such a funny photo and I had to capture it before fixing her and getting her our of her “escape” position.

02/25 – She loves Teddy and figured out that she could lay her head on his bed in the living room.

week 8 of my 365 project of my daughter Mia

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