Am I in a National Geographic Magazine?

From April – July in 2007 I lived in Cape Town, South Africa this blog entry is one of the highlights of my trip I wanted to share:

In July of 2007 I went on a 14 day safari starting in Johannesburg and then spending a few days in Kruger National park which is in  the northeast corner of South Africa then up through Botswana to Livingston, Zambia to stay a few days at Victoria Falls. After Victoria Falls we headed to Maun, Botswana where that is the starting point to get into Okavango Delta. I fell in love with the Okavango Delta after seeing it on the BBC series Planet Earth. Since I was already in Africa and wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to go back I figured it was my only opportunity for me to go to the Okavango. So after our lazy days of rest in Livingstone we started back south to Maun stopping at Shakawe, Botswana to do a river cruise on the Chobe River. We were told that there would be many animals there and it would be a great photo opportunity so I was very excited! Well they weren’t lying, I really felt I was in a National Geographic magazine. There were water buffalo, crocodiles, hippos, birds galore, monkeys & baboons, but most of all ELEPHANTS! At this point in the trip we had really only seen elephant briefly in Kruger National Park and it had been quite a few days since we saw any wildlife besides baboons and they are really more of an announce then anything. There were quite a few boats in the water but since we were a smaller group we could go in a smaller boat getting closer to shore and the wildlife without disturbing them in the habitat. This gave me some of the best opportunity for photographs and I took so many pictures even got some of elephants mating (which I won’t share). I was on a photo high for days after that and I felt my trip was complete and I will remember this afternoon for the rest of my life.

Flash forward to now, I have been wanting to go back in a re-edit these photos since its been 6 years and my editing has gotten better, and getting away from photos is sometimes a good things. Here are 4 of my favorites I rediscovered after 6 years of not looking at these photos! I will be going through all my albums from this trip so I am sure it won’t be my last blog entry about my amazing trip to Africa in 2007.


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