Rustic Door Themed Engagement

One of the first things I do when I’m meeting with my couples or brides for the first time is ask them 3 questions:
1. How did you guys meet?
2. How did he or she pop the question?
3. What is the theme of your wedding? AKA Colors and/or Décor.

When I got married a mere 3.5 years ago we didn’t have Pinterest all we had Google searches and wedding blogs (very few). I had a binder of ideas and tons of photos that I had printed out. Now brides have Pinterest, if you don’t know what Pinterest is well think of it as a visual website bookmark where you can save all photos or blogs to different boards or categories. And I bet you that 99% of unmarried women between the ages of 18-40 have a wedding Pinterest board.

Well when I sat down to finally meet Molly she reminded me a lot of myself because she had that all important wedding binder that I had and carried to all my wedding meetings. So this gets me back to my original point about those 3 questions. First off I asked how Jordan and her met Jordan was the brother to a friend of hers and they always kinda knew of each other until they started dating. Second was the Proposal: Jordan and Molly head off to one of their favorite restaurants Applebee’s this is important because she told me it was their favorite restaurant… I know we all have those one place we all love that people may look at you funny for a sec mine happens to be Buffalo Wild wings…. They were celebrating their 4th anniversary together! After dinner they head to Jordan’s parents house to pick up their dogs. Molly & Jordan have two adorable mini Australia Shepard who joined us for their engagement session. So Jordan had 2 surprise for Molly one a new car & a proposal! Jordan had gotten Molly a brand new Ford Edge. He told her to get in and check it out. As she was looking at the pictures on the display screen he was standing next to her outside the car and said “Molly Marie,” she look over and he is down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” Of course Molly said YES! So sweet right?

After she got done telling me this story we talk more about their wedding then I got to the all important 3rd question about the theme of their wedding. Molly explained that she had always loved vintage stuff and while searching on pinterest she found a picture of 3 old doors put together as backdrop and showed me a picture of what she was talking about. So her wonderful future in-laws had been making these for her and so her theme was Rustic Door Theme for the wedding, which made me very excited. After talking more about the wedding I asked her about the engagement session. Then a brilliant idea was proposed about using the doors also for their engagement photos and BAM that is when it was decided that we would have the doors also at the engagement session.

We then decided on a location for their session at the Scatter Creek Wildlife Recreation Area in Rochester, Washington. I think this is my favorite engagement session to date! Now I am super excited for Jordan & Molly’s fall wedding later this year!


This quote is from “All of Me” by John Legend and will be their wedding song.



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