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Ecola State Park Elopement

So when preparing to write this Ecola¬†State Park elopement I knew it was going to be a long one. When I write these blog post I really like to talk about the planning and events that brought us to our final story and this elopement has quite a story. In the 3.5 years of being […]


Puget Sound Elopement

Everything about this Puget Sound elopement had the tide and weather on our side. Micah & Rachel had decided to get married in front of 3 friends at a friend’s beach house right on the Puget Sound in the Key Penisula. So I have to say this day couldn’t have gone any better. The weather […]


2016 was pretty epic!

I went into 2016 with high hopes and lots & lots of pretty weddings on my calendar, but 2016 also tested, pushed me & open my eyes to a few things that I don’t want to repeat in years to come including in 2017. I really try to be open about my business and it’s […]


Wahclella Falls Elopement

***THIS LOCATION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR ANY SORT OF SESSIONS OR ELOPEMENTS DUE TO A WILDFIRE IN 2017. THE AREA IS CLOSED INDEFINITELY! I have lived in Washington state my whole life (minus the 3 months I lived in Cape Town, South Africa) but sometimes I forget how beautiful it is here. How we […]