UW Cherry Blossom Engagement Session

Every spring the University of Washington’s quad becomes beautiful filled with pink cherry blossoms, it’s such an amazing site! Kevin and Alecia decided this they really wanted their engagement photos to include the UW cherry blossoms since they both went to the University of Washington and this is where they are getting married this summer! I love Kevin & Alecia’s engagement story they were walking

I love Kevin & Alecia’s proposal story they were taking a walk around Greenlake when Kevin got down on his knee and ask Alecia to marry him what is awesome is a stranger saw this happen and took a few photos on their cell phone. After the proposal, they stranger gave the photos to the couple!

For Kevin & Alecia’s engagement session at the cherry blossoms, we had to try to work around them blooming and the weather. Because our spring has been so cold and wet they actually bloomed a lot later than in past years. We had originally planned to do the session during UW spring break but sadly we had to push it back a week because they still hadn’t bloomed yet. Which meant that school was in session and there was a ton of people because thankfully the session happen on to fall on the only sunny day that week so of course EVERYONE was at the cherry blossoms!

After the doing some photos at the UW cherry blossoms we headed over to Gasworks Park at the north end of Lake Union. Since it was somewhat of a sunny day I was hoping we would have an awesome sunset but of course, the clouds came in so the sun was kinda hiding but I still had some great silhouette shots at the end!