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Mia 365 Project | Week 14/52

week 14 of Mia 365 blog series001

This week a birthday party and Easter! Now that Mia is crawling life is definitely not boring! She has so much to investigate and check out. We are slowly baby proofing as she discovers more and but at the same time we really want to teach her not to get into things so that when we do go out in public or to a guest house we don’t have to worry about her getting into too much trouble. AH the joys of parenting huh?

04/02 – Mia loves the gates both at our house and my parents house. She discovered that she can pull herself up using the polls of the gate!

04/03 – The toy made a noise distracting Mia from her ultimate goal the power plug.

04/04 – We attended a birthday party for Kash and I had to get a photo of Mia and Quinnli. They are so much bigger from the last time they saw each other.

04/05 – Happy Easter from Mia! She wasn’t really a fan of her dress. Crawling in a dress is really hard and basically impossible.

04/06 – Helping me go through the mail. The couch is such a fun place to be on.

04/07 – Since now Mia can’t be trusted to be in a room by herself for more than 2 minutes, I have been putting Mia in her crib with toys when I take a shower. She really doesn’t like it but hey at least I know she is safe.

04/08 – The girl loves the fireplace and was checking out Teddy’s basket of toys.

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