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Mia 365 Project | Week 15

week 15 of my 365 project of my daughter Mia001

Week 15 brought us around the house and also a visit to our friend Ryu’s house. Mia is continuing to explore and be more aware of her surrounding. Every day she does something new and surprises me or makes me laugh.

04/09 – Mia loves when Pat pushes her on the rocking giraffe

04/10 – This kid loves her green veggies; peas, broccoli, green beans but really not a fan of corn.

04/11 – She watched the end of the NASCAR race with Pat before bedtime.

04/12 – Mia always comes over to me now when I have my camera and of course wants to touch it.

04/13  – Spent the day with Ryu and his mom for a play date.

04/14 – Anytime I call Mia to come, our dog Teddy feels he should come too.

04/15 – She figured out that she can stand up in her crib, I got the mattress lowered in the nick of time.

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