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Mia 365 Project | Week 6/52

week 6 of my 365 project of my daughter mia001Wow we are on week 6 of my 365 project! This week the was battling a bit of a cold so I didn’t fall the themes but Mia had a pretty good week. She still isn’t crawling yet but she has figured out how to roll around the living room to get to different places. I even found her underneath the coffee table one day. Of course I didn’t have my camera on me and she was not happy so there wasn’t any time to take a photo of that. She also loves our dog Teddy, Teddy isn’t so sure about her especially when she wants to touch him. The first time she grab him she pulled his ear so Teddy keeps his distant from her grabby hands… But that doesn’t stop him from giving her licks anytime he can. Once she starts crawling Teddy will figure out how to deal with Mia. Also the themes are now quotes for the Momtogs so I’m just going back to my original way where I use the best picture that represents the day or is the best picture of the day.

2/5 – We spend the afternoon rolling around the living room. She has now discovered the TV stand.

2/6 – Loves her Teddy!

2/7 – Hello Mia!

2/8 – We went out to breakfast at Ihop.

2/9 – For Christmas we got a year membership to the Children’s museum here in Tacoma. She got to see what the window tasted like.

2/10 – During her nightly baths she loves to chew on the wash cloth.

2/11 – She is such a big girl now and I can’t believe next on the 19th she will be 8 months old!


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