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Mia 365 Project | Week 7/52

week 7 of my 365 project of Mia

Week 7 of the 365 project! I am really starting to enjoy and looking forward to my weekly blog post now that I have gotten into the rhythm of blogging again. It’s also nice that I can have this place to share part of my personal life, especially an oh so important one too. This past week we tried to take advantage of our super nice weather we are having here in Western Washington. This winter or lack of one has been pretty great compared to different parts of the country. I’m sure we will be paying for our lack of wet weather this summer but until then I’m sure none of us here in the Pacific Northwest will complain about it.

02/12 – Mia & Teddy were hanging out.

02/13 – We are working on giving Mia more solids and that day we gave her a teething biscuit.

02/14  – This is her new face when she is doing her business. It cracks me up.

02/15 – Enjoyed our nice weather and went for a walk to the store in the new stroller.

02/16 – My happy full girl.

02/17 – Went to the park with friends, Mia love the swings.

02/18 – Due to the weather I had to do Mia’s 8th month shoot on this day, I used the rocker that I was giving around 8-9 months old for this shoot.

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