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Mia 365 Project | Week 9/52

week 9 of my 365 project of my daughter Mia

Week 9 we stayed around the house this week. We are still working on crawling and we still aren’t there yet. Just today she was starting to move her legs and arms together but most of the time she still just can’t get it. We also are continuing our exploration with food trying new things every week. This past week Mia got to try, strawberries, gram crackers, Ritz crackers & watermelon for the first time. We also hit another milestone she out grew her 6 month clothes and are officially in 9 month clothing. Which also means spring time! We have been so lucky here in the PNW weather wise this winter. Right now it seems more like spring then other parts of the country. I love getting to look at her clothes that were given to us or I had purchased way back either before she was born or right afterwards and get to put my darling daughter in some spring cute clothes.

02/26 – Everyone says it looks like she is doing a push up but actually I captured her mid sneeze. Either way its an entertaining picture.

02/27 – I did some picking up in the living room and had discovered she had been putting her “binkys” under the coffee table.

02/28 – Her newest way of trying to crawl, her butt up in the air and legs stretched out.

03/01 – Mom had a rough day that day and her little face just brighten it!

03/02 – The girl loves her carrots and also loves the spoon I feed her with. I let her make a mess sometimes and feel her food with her hands.

03/03 – Mia sure loves her Dada… Yes this week she also started saying Dada. Now the real question is does she know the meaning or is just saying it to say it.

03/04 – Mia loves my camera if at any point she can reach out and grab or touch it she will.

Lets hope next week I can add a crawling video to the weekly blog.


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