Unfiltered Workshop

One of my goals for 2015 is education. I am one of the few photographers out there that actually went to photography school. So for a long time I didn’t want to spend money on any more education due to the amount I spend in college on photography. So much has changed in the almost 9 years since I graduated from Seattle Central Community College’s Commercial Photography program. A few years ago when I made the effort to start networking with other photographers in the South Sound area I met a photographer named Melissa Kilner who was taking off after being on Creative Live getting a business makeover by Jasmine Star.

Melissa has quickly became one of the those photographers that I really admired and started to follow on a regular base. So of course when she announced last month she was going to be doing her own “Unfiltered” Workshop. Of course I jump at the chance to do her first workshop. She focused on the art of emails to marketing to posing to editing shortcuts we could ask any sort of questions and she would answer them. She also had a shoot setup with a photographer and her husband as the models so we could see how she interacted with clients on a shoot. It’s always amazing to see how another photographer works and see how to improve your own techniques for posing and shooting your clients. I definitely got a lot from watching Melissa pose and interact with Betty and her husband.  Even though the session wasn’t meant for portfolio building we were still encouraged to take pictures while watching Melissa work.

unfiltered workshop in Seattle by Melissa Kilner Photography001

Melissa in action!

unfiltered workshop in Seattle by Melissa Kilner Photography004unfiltered workshop in Seattle by Melissa Kilner Photography007unfiltered workshop in Seattle by Melissa Kilner Photography009unfiltered workshop in Seattle by Melissa Kilner Photography013

In the end we got to pose Betty & Matt. These were my shots below!

unfiltered workshop in Seattle by Melissa Kilner Photography017

In the end I am so happy I did this on day workshop with Melissa. I really think it will help me grow as a photographer and get better images for myself and my clients.

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