Wedding Day Timeline

how to create a wedding day timeline by Jenny Storment Photography


Part of having planning your big day is having a timeline for your vendors & bridal party so they know what to expect day of. If you have a planner or coordinator then this is part of their duties helping you create this. When I was planning my own timeline I ended up creating several drafts & ended up with a 2 page timeline including all the bridal party’s names, vendors names & phone numbers so that my day of coordinator & photographer knew everything that was happening throughout our day. This is a copy of my actual timeline I created for my own wedding day.

wedding timeline example

Most people don’t need this detailed of wedding timelines for their vendors but I did and in the end it was very helpful and gave us some a guide on how the day was flowing. When planning your timeline you need to think about if you are doing a first look or not. This will help your photographer know when to start and how much time they will need before or after the ceremony for photos. Most photographers including myself really like when a couple does a first look this allows us to get if not all or most of the photos done before the ceremony allowing the couple to enjoy their guests at the reception. If you decide to opp to waiting till the ceremony to see one another then your photographer will do more photos afterwards having them have a later start time. Here are two examples of simple timelines for your photographers based on an 8 hours of wedding day coverage.

8 Hour wedding timeline example

In the end creating a timeline no matter how basic or detail will help with the planning of your wedding day to run smoothly and hopefully without any hiccups or issues to allowing you and your new spouse to enjoy your day you have spent so much time planning.

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