2017 Shoot & Share Photo Contest


Guys I’m so excited it’s my favorite time of year in the photography world. Today is the first day of over a month of voting on some of the most amazing photos taken and submitted to the Shoot & Share Photo Contest! This is my 3rd year submitting & I am so pumped to see all the amazing work this year. What makes this contest the best in my opinion, is one it’s complete free which is very rare in the photography world. Most big photography contests cost money to submit photos but this one is completely FREE! Also, it’s one of the fairest because until the end you don’t know whose photos are who’s. There is no bias with big name photographers entering and getting votes because of who they are. So that mean the photos are judged on themselves than on the photographer who took it.  Each photographer can submit up to 50 photos in 25 different categories….

The things I have learned in the past 2 years of submitting is that photos that are funny, cute and have some sort animal or crazy moment in them do really well. For this year I really looked at my body of work for images that stood out which was hard because there was some pretty amazing stuff this year. And trying to cut down to 50 images is pretty hard so I actually had help from a friend to give me outside perspective on images we both thought would do well.

So once voting starts you are given 4 images of the same category and you vote for the best out of those 4. Once each photo has been seen so many times then they start eliminating the bottom ranking photos so each round will leave more and more amazing photos so as the rounds get higher it’s harder to vote because EVERY photo by the last round is amazing! What’s good and bad about this whole thing is you may see your photos a lot or you may not see them at all… I can tell you from past experiences when I have seen my photos especially after a round cut I get really excited it’s like Christmas morning. Last year I had 3 photos that finished in the top 100 for their categories. My highest ranked photo was in the wedding ring category at 55th place out of 6514 photos, my next was in the wedding party category finishing 57th place out of 7940 photos and finally my last top 100 photos was in the Toddler/Preschool category finishing 69th out of 18,329 photos. Last year alone there was just over 225,000 submitted this year they are hoping for at least that but probably will have more.

So here they are my photos I have officially submitted for the 2017 Photo Contest!

Details: All Dressed Up Category

“Details: Cake, Flowers & Decor” category

“Details: Ring Shots” category

“The Wedding Couple” category

“Emotion & Excitement” category

“That Just Happened” category

“Just the Bride” category

“Just the Groom” category

“Guest & Reception” category

“Engagement or Couples” category

“Styled Shoot” category

“Maternity” Category

“Personal” category

I am so excited to be part of this amazing contest and community and to see the growth in my work over the past 3 years is always fun to see. I hope that you will vote because it’s really addictive and super fun and it’s free & easy. And I hope that in the off chance you do see one of my photos you will vote for it! Here is the LINK again if you’re ready to vote!

  1. Ashley says:

    Jenny, I love that you are sharing your images you submitted for the 2017 shoot & share photo contest! What a creative way to share, and also, I think this is so inspiring for this who may be on their first year and would like to see these categories and be more informed. Good luck this year, I’m eager to see your work while voting!  

  2. Genius!  We love your work! 

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