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Kasey & Patrick’s Mount Rainier Elopement was such a perfect June day! For their elopement, it was just the two of them & myself and Megan and they’re officiant! We met the couple at their Airbnb near Packwood, WA which was the cutest cabin and we did some photos at the cabin then headed over to the Groves of the Patriarchs to meet Reverend Valentine and where the ceremony was going to take place. Kasey was wearing the most perfect flowy dress from Weddings with Joy and her hair & makeup by Elizabeth White Artistry turned out amazingly!

After their sweet ceremony by the river, we did a few photos then headed towards Paradise to get those important photos in front of the Mount Rainier. Because the snow doesn’t completely melt off till the end of June, first of July the challenge was finding a place with clean snow and a good view of Mount Rainier.

I had done a bunch of scouting leading up to this elopement so I had one place that would work perfectly for their photos. It was private, had clean snow and a perfect view of Mount Rainier in the background!

Because this elopement was just Kasey & Patrick I surprised them the next day with a quick slideshow to share with their friends and family so they could see how the day went! Check out Kasey & Patrick’s slideshow sneak peek.

I just would like to thank Kasey & Patrick for trusting us with capturing your Mount Rainer Elopement! And thank you to all the amazing vendors who made this day perfect for the couple. Thank you to Megan for being my second photographer & witness and so helpful.

Location: Near Packwood, WA & Mount Rainier
Officiant: Reverend Valentine
Bridal Shop: Weddings with Joy
Hair & Makeup: Elizabeth White Artistry
Floral Shop: Capitol Florist
Photographer: Jenny Storment Photography

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