Myrtle Falls Elopement


When Caitlin and John reached out about eloping to Mount Rainier I was so excited to be part of their Myrtle Falls Elopement. One thing that worked out in the couple’s favor getting married at Myrtle falls was the weather. Yes, it was cold and windy and the mountain was threatening to not show up due to the clouds this worked in their favor with getting this prime location to ourselves! What’s crazy about Mount Rainier is one day it will be 70+ degrees and a clear day and the next it can be in the ’50s with some crazy wind!

Weather aside it was such a wonderful day for Caitlin and John. I was so happy that we could do their elopement right in front of Myrtle Falls and in the end, Mount Rainier did show itself! The couple kept their elopement to just immediate family Caitlin’s siblings and John’s mom and stepdad. After they were married we did photos in front of Myrtle Falls then the couple and I headed to my secret spot where Mount Rainier came out from behind the clouds!

I am so happy that I could be part of this Caitlin and John’s Myrtle Falls Elopement!

Location: Myrtle Falls at Mount Rainier
Officiant: A Wedding with Heart
Bridal Shop: David’s Bridal
Photographer: Jenny Storment Photography

If you are interested in eloping at Myrtle falls or even Mount Rainier check out my Mount Rainier Elopement Page for more info.

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