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So there is upsides and downsides to being a child of a photographer, I would say an upside is we will never be without photos in this house on the downside eventually Mia will be tired of being my model so I have been told it’s known as Photographer’s Child Syndrome. Well until then it’s I’m going to moment these milestones in her life. On Saturday my baby is turning 15 months old now you wouldn’t think 15 months that’s not really a super big milestone and you’re probably right but when you hear the back story of why I did these photos you will understand why I did it. SO flash back to the spring of 2014 when I was pregnant. As most mom’s to be I did lots of shopping for clothes. We are lucky here in Tacoma to have a great one called Kidz Kaboodle and the Just Between Friends Sales twice a year. Well I remember I was in Kidz Kaboodle when I came across a Little Bitty sailor dress, coat and hat outfit in size 18 months. I knew I had to buy it for our daughter and I would do a little shoot with her in it. I remember when I brought it home my husband was like wow that’s really cute but when is she going to wear something like this and I said well I’m going to a photo shoot with her in this dress someday. I think he thought I was crazy but I didn’t care I had the idea and I just had to patiently wait for her to be born then be big enough to wear it. Well flash forward to this summer, I was going through her clothes for the fall and the outfit I had waiting for was almost ready to be worn. Mia had a little growing spurt at the end of the summer where most of her 12 months clothes were on the verge of being too small for her and I knew it was time to start planning her shoot.

I knew I wanted it by the water and if I could have boats in the background great but I really didn’t want to put Mia on a dock or in a place that was unsafe. Toddlers and water don’t mix and I didn’t want to chance it doing this shoot by myself since Mia is walking now. So I asked my dad if he would be willing to come and help me with this shoot and of course he was super excited to help. So my original location end up being a bust due to a firefighting training so on a whim we drove to Dash Point Park which is just down the road from Dash Point State Park. They have pier and a beach but both were filled with fisherman, on the other side of the pier was a smaller beach that no one was on and up from the beach was a grass area and a seawall. It ended up being perfect! For the photos you will see where Mia was sitting on the seawall my dad was on the other side to make sure she wouldn’t fall backwards so for all of you out there worried Mia was perfectly safe the whole time. I’m all about art but safety is #1 when it comes to any of my subjects including my own child.

I am so pleased how these photos turned out and I really think they are my favorites so far of her. She is really at a fun age and I love that I can document her milestones as she gets older, so enjoy these super cute photos of my Mia.

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  1. Ashley S. says:

    My kids have “photographer’s child syndrome.” Is that a thing? It should be. haha! Seriously though, you did a great job with your daughter’s 15 month portraits and I bet you’re glad you bought that outfit! 🙂

  2. Haha! My hobby became my business because my kids begged me to find other models! I was watching the build up for this child session on Instagram, and I am so happy to see more in this post! That outfit is perfect, and you captured your tiny daughter exploring her great big world beautifully. I hope she never tires of being your model!

  3. Great backstory! My kids never got this syndrome and love to pose for me! You did a great job with Mia’s 15 month portraits! Getting great portraits at this age is hit and miss since most just want to play, but you did a fantastic job. Tacoma families are lucky to a wonderful Tacoma Children’s photographer that makes safety her number 1 priority!

  4. Esther says:

    Aww, Jenny, these are SO sweet! I can’t believe she’s 15 months already – I remember when you posted right after she was born – time goes so fast!! How wonderful that you are able to capture each milestone, and document all the special phases of your children’s lives. <3

  5. Ruben says:

    Your little one is a sweetie Jenny. Aren’t they so cute to photograph at this stage in their life? (I have 4!) This is also the time when they run all over the place, so it can be difficult to nail a focused shot! I like that you not only captured the camera aware shots, but also the more candid ones where she is playing and looking at beautiful Tacoma beach.

  6. Kathy R says:

    Ah yes. Photographers Child Syndrome, or PSS for short. Is a very real and serious affliction common in the young of a professional photographer. Thankfully, your adorable little muchin does not seem to have it! (or at least by the look of these amazing photos you took of her!) Hopefully, she will continue to love the camera and be a perfect little model for you. She is oh so cute!

  7. Alysse says:

    What a cutie patootie! I just love how you captured her personality in this session! What gorgeous child photography this family will cherish for years to come!

  8. Niki says:

    hahaha, while I don’t have kids of my own to give “photographer’s child syndrome” to, I have managed to give it to my nephews and niece… and my DOGS. They literally run when they see my camera come out these days 😉

    You totally lucked out with the location change, because these turned out perfectly!!!

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