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Mia 365 Project Week 1/52

Even before our daughter Mia was born I had decided that I was going to do a 365 project taking a photo a day of her growth and development on a daily basis. In the beginning it was very challenging not getting anything but her just laying there or someone holding her. I have to admit I almost stopped but I decided to keep going since after seeing another photographer’s 4 year journey photographing her son I decided to push through and do it!

Because I am not a baby photographer I decided not to put it on my Facebook page but on my personal page. But blogging is one of my business goals for this year and on going, I decided I would make a weekly blog post about her photos from the previous week. What makes this even more fun or adding to help come up with ideas for her daily photos is a Facebook group of Momtogs (mom photographers) here in the Seattle area are doing a 365 project too that have a daily theme. My goal is to try to follow the theme as close as I can but being that my over all “theme” is Mia I do try to take the best photo that represents her that day.

Since most of the time I don’t know where these photos are going to happen, I use 3 different cameras: My big girl DSLR, point & shoot or my iPhone camera. I decided really quick in order for this project to work I couldn’t stress about bring my big girl camera with me everywhere. Its hard enough carrying a baby or baby in a car seat and a diaper bag. Trying to add a big bulky camera to the mix would be crazy!

This week I followed the themes about 50% of the time:

01/01: Fresh Start – Mia started teething on the 31st so the 1st we had a lazy day and she pretty much just hung out in my lap all day. Alfred decided he wanted to join us too.

01/02: New – We went grocery shopping and put her in the shopping cart basket for the first time and she decided that would be a great place to take a nap.

01/03: You – She played with a new toy she got for Christmas from her Grandparents (my parents).

01/04: Texture – The girl loves to take her fingers and scratch whatever fabric she can feel. She loves doing this to our leather couch.

01/05: Fresh – I really wanted to get a picture of her tooth poking through.

01/06: Space – Mia will reach for anything that is in front of her including her dad’s beer!

01/07: Out of Focus – We had a play date and I put her in the “baby area” and she was sitting up on her own, I was super excited and proud all at the same time!

I hope you enjoy this weekly blog and please check out my other work on my website or other blog post!

365 project of my daughter mia a weekly blog post

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