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Mia 365 Project | Week 3/52

Third week of the 365 project with the Seattle Momtogs and my weekly blog about the previous week! So this week came with Mia turning 7 months old! Where is the time going, it’s going too fast! 3 weeks in to the new year and she is sitting up on her own pretty good still have to be careful where I set her incase she decides to fall backwards. She is also rocking the solid foods. Lately I have been giving her puffs and she is getting better at getting them in her mouth about half the time the rest end up either suck to her hand or in her lap. But when she does get one in her mouth she is so happy. We also watched the Seahawks take on the Packers which was amazing to watch and this year when the Hawks! Mia sported her 12th Baby onesie that is amazing! She will be making the entire season including cheering on the Seahawks in the Superbowl on February 1st since her Momma was smart and got a size 6 month.  I tried to do better following the “themes” for each day. I really only didn’t follow one day and that was the 19th Mia’s 7 month Birthday! I always do a little photo shoot with her on her monthly birthdays and this one I wanted to feature her ability that she is sitting up on her own! Days like that make me wish I had a studio where I could do a proper photo shoot with her.

01/15: Black & White – My little diva!

01/16: Water – Getting pretty good with the sippy cup.

01/17: You – This girl now knows what to do when I put the camera up for a picture, a big smile with her momma!

01/18: Game day – 12th Baby in the house!

01/19: In my cup- Mia turned 7 months old so of course I had to do her little shoot.

01/20: Fuzzy – Fuzzy toys to keep her company while I get ready for my day.

01/21: Starts with A – Yummy home made Apple sauce from Nana. This girl loves to eat!

365 project of my daughter Mia


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