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When we moved into our house in January of 2013 I set up one of our bedrooms upstairs in our house as my office. In the beginning it was kind of a mix and match of random furniture nothing really matching or coordinating. It worked but wasn’t a very pretty or an organized place. Then when I went full time in 2014 we bought a futon from Dania so I could have a couch in my office and also have a place for guest to sleeps since having a bed in my office would no longer count as a working space but a bedroom. Then last year I upgraded my desk from one I got from my grandfather to a more modern new one from Wayfair.com.

This year I realized I needed my office to be a little less cluttered & maybe find some more furniture to match my desk moving away from everything not matching and maybe even looking more adultish. First I started with buying curtains, this is something new for me, in the past when we lived in apartments I never wanted to deal with installing the curtain rods but now that this is our home I felt some curtains would really make a nice touch to my office. Next I found this great shelving unit from Ikea in a dark brown very close to my desk color allowing me to get rid of a very large white book shelf that was a just big cluttered mess. With some purging of junk & organizing some other random stuff I was able to fit everything I needed my new shelving unit even a place for my big Epson printer on top of it.

Next I realized I didn’t have any place for my random picture frames and special little tokens that I have collected over the years that make my office more homey and less stiff. So after one more trip to Ikea I found a wall shelf & two picture¬†ledges to finish my office off making it perfect, clean, less cluttered & a place I enjoy spending time in. I am so excited to spend my day this summer working on my weddings in this clean pretty place to work. I’m just happy to know that my hours spent watching HGTV haven’t been put to waste and I am actually putting it to use.

Office Redo-1Office Redo-7Office Redo-10Office Redo-3Office Redo-2

  1. Casey says:

    I love your office tour! I’m always curious as to what other photographers work spaces look like. Mia is such a cutie pie and I love that SMILE pillow! Where did you get it at? Such a perfect add on to a photographers office space! What an awesome spot to cull,edit, and blog wedding photos in Tacoma, Washington! 

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