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A couple of months ago I worked with a wonderful brander named Lauren Carns on redoing my brand & logo for Jenny Storment Photography. When I got married in September 2011 I changed my business name and launched my new name with a new logo something that I had never had before. But since I was really serious about growing my business in the upcoming years I felt it was needed. So I paid a graphic designer and got my logo everyone has knowns so far. Well as my company grew and my style did too, I started to feel in 2015 that my logo and branding really didn’t fit with my style of photography. It was great for getting started but it wasn’t where I wanted my company to continue to look like. So in March I started the process of getting my new look which I am super excited about.

Last year at Blink I came up the the words that I felt really represented my business (Classic, timeless, romantic & fun). I started to realize that my goal for my end product I gave to my clients was very classic & timeless photos. I wanted to give them something that you could look at and not really know when it was taken. And that is something I feel like I give to my couples & clients on any job I do and I really wanted my website & logo to reflect that. So as many of you know in December of 2014 I launched my current website platform & design. It has been wonderful and the designer I hired was amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone I know but part of this new branding was a new website design too. I ended up going with a pre-made template instead of a custom design this time but I did a ton of research & brainstorming before deciding on what my website looks like now. I ended up customizing it to look exactly how I wanted it to look but it gave me a great foundation to start with and stick too.

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My end goal was to have a website that was super clean, white, black & gray for the main colors to let my photos really stand out. I really feel this website is super user friendly, very simple, allowing the work to speak for itself.

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My new logo I really love even though I have to admit I was a littler nervous just because my old one is so much part of me. But again as I said earlier it really fitting in my end product I am delivering to my clients. I told Laura I really wanted to include “est 2011” this really was my only request beside making sure it was clean and simple and doing 2007 just felt like a lie since from 2007-2011 I was Jenny Billington Photography. I am so excited for this new chapter of my business and I really feel this fits me and my style at this point in my career. I am sure as I grow an artist my style and look will change again but until then this is perfect for Jenny Storment Photography!

  1. Congrats on your rebranding. Its beautiful and very complimenting to your work!

  2. Joanna says:

    Looks fabulous Jenny! Great rebrand!

  3. Kristina Bills says:

    yay for rebranding!!!!! Love it!

  4. Laura Ryan says:

    Your new website looks great, Jenny! I love the logo too! 

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  6. Larianne says:

    Wow, love the new look!

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