Rainy Franklin Falls Elopement


MK and Nick wanted to get elopement portraits in the beautiful PNW. We decided on Franklin Falls as a good backdrop for their elopement portraits. The only thing we didn’t count on was the weather. But this didn’t stop us. I have clear umbrella just for this kind of occasion and the rain made the elopement just a little bit more magical.

This was also the job that clinched that I needed to switch both my cameras to mirrorless! I use my R6 probably 90% of the time and loved how my 85mm lens’s images looked with that camera!

The only downside was because of the rain we were not able to get right now in front of the falls but we found a great spot where we could do their portraits and still have the waterfall in the background. Another plus of the weather not being perfect was no crowds. Thankfully we had the little area with the perfect viewing spot of Franklin Falls all to ourselves.

I seriously love getting to be part of this beautiful rainy Franklin Falls elopement! And Congratulations to MK and Nick!

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