Mia 365 Project | Week 17

This week of my Mia 365 project wasn’t too exciting, since the weather has started to actually be nice we actually went to the park and also headed to a family dinner which Mia is always the center of attention. I hope as she gets older it doesn’t back fire on us but until then she brings everyone such joy its hard not to focus on her.

04/23 – No matter how many toys I put out Mia always wants to go to the fireplace a place we are working on her NOT going to.

04/24 – Teddy decided to join us while we played with Mia’s toys.

04/25 – Lately I have been changing Mia more down on the floor. Apparently laying her down on her changing table is code for “Lets get up and try to crawl.”  And since I really don’t want her to fall it’s just easier to change her and get her dressed on the floor.

04/26 – We headed over to the Storment’s house for birthday dinner. Mia’s Nana got her some bows and of course Aunt Kelley needed to put all of them in Mia’s hair. We all got a good laugh and I love Mia’s expression as she crawls to me.

04/27 – We headed to the Fircrest Tot Lot and enjoyed the nice weather. Mia liked the car I put her in. I can’t wait till she starts walking and we can do more trips to the park.

04/28 – Mia had spent the day with her Nana while Mom got some stuff done around the house. That even when she got home she showed me how tasty the bars on the gate were.

04/29 – Mia has been trying to stand on her seat of her “rocking giraffe” apparently once you master siting on it they next step is standing. Let’s just say I’m pretty sure she may be a bit of a dare-devil.


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